Self Defense

As we discuss domestic violence, we must talk about self defense. It is important to note at this point, that I personally believe that there is a huge difference in how we defend ourselves in a domestic violence situation, as opposed to a random attack from a total stranger.

Defending yourself in a domestic violence situation is mainly psychological. There are three (3) main aspects of preparing yourself mentally/psychologically that you should learn to master:

Three (3) Main Aspects of Mental Preparation:

1. Recognize fear in the many difference phases of domestic violence and learn how to manage it.
2. Mentally prepare yourself to take responsibility for your safety and the safety of your children.
3. Understand how your self-esteem effects your emotional response and how you perform in a crisis.

As your domestic violence cycle starts to spiral into a violent situation, there are actually five (5) different options of defense. A physical confrontation is not your only option!

Five (5) Self Defense Options in Domestic Violence:

1. Compliance
2. Escape
3. De-escalation
4. Assertiveness
5. Fighting Back

The very best defense is a well planned offense. Safety does not come from physically defending yourself. Safety comes from not allowing yourself to get into a situation where you have to physically defend yourself! Plan ahead and get out before a domestic violence situation becomes physical. Make sure you have a Safety Plan in place and use it as soon as possible. Most of us can not over power our abuser. I don't want to encourage anything that might cost your life.

Getting you and your kids out alive is your only goal.

Do not fight back to get away, unless you know you can succeed. Once you fight back, your abuser will be even more violent.

Your elbow is the strongest part of your body. If you are close enough to use it and think you can get away, use it.

Be careful!! I do not recommend fighting back in a domestic violence situation, unless your life depends on it. Fighting back could cost your life!

During domestic violence situations, allegations are another issue that you will need to know how to handle, please read these further tips.

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